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How to improve organic search results

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Sometimes, it is small things that can make a really big impact. Let me scan your website for organic SEO, and find out where there are some simple adjustments that you can make.

Google made some big moves in 2021, and they are moves that will affect your Google search-ability. Watch this week as I lay out 2 big changes, and 2 ways to pivot your SEO strategy.

SEO Marketing Strategy

Get your website in front of more desired customers. Consistently. All by making a few adjustments along the way.

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It’s no longer for the technical brain to conquer, instead think of SEO as your online customer experience. Period. 

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How to improve SEO rankings


Great User Experience

Visitors spend more time on your website learning about your service.

Tell Story's

SEO lets you establish authority in your industry and Google will see you as an expert.

Be the Authority

Answer your prospect's questions while they are in research mode.

Google Reviews

User experience will bring you new, organic customers through testimonials.

Google Products

Use all of the free google products available to grow your authority online faster.

Deploy a Strategy

Create a plan that works for your business. Deploy your SEO strategy over time.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

You can not outrun the manual work of keyword research or creating content. Slow and steady, combined with reported and recorded data, wins the website experience race every single time. I’ve been doing this for over 8 years, and this is still the way that I research keywords and phrases for new clients. Learn how I do my keyword research. You are going to need the chrome extension Keywords Everywhere.



Benefits of SEO

Publish Relevant Content

You are a leading resource of information in your industry, and publishing regular, relevant content is going to help your rankings in search engines.

Be a Consistent Contributor

Search rankings encompass all of your online channels. Make sure that you are contributing regularly to blogs and podcasts, but also contribute on 1 or 2 social channels to share even more information.

Google Safety Check

Only 1 techy solution, and that is to use Dead Link checker to get rid of any 404 errors on your website. This simple strategy is going to make google very happy with your website.

Search Engine Optimization Training


Get your website in front of your desired customer using an SEO strategy that you design and deploy.

Attract the right lead to your website using organic SEO


I have helped hundreds of clients with google search, and now I’m going to train you on how to implement the basic concepts yourself to see measurable results.

Get your website found on google search using a simple SEO strategy that you create. 


This is what a virtual lead instructor class looks like. If you think you are ready, it’s time to save your seat in my SEO online training.

Earn more credibility online with an amazing online customer journey. 

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