Make Google reviews part of your customer process

When I work with my clients, one of the things that they all wish is that they had asked for customer google reviews WAY sooner. Because if they had asked every happy customer between now and then, they would have some hard proof of the amazing services or products they offer. Instead, now they have to go back to that customer and ask for it.

And now that customer isn’t in that euphoric state of mind as when you were helping and supporting them. This is still better than having no reviews but asking customers while they are still a customer can be a much more powerful review.

I have 5 unique ways to make giving a google review very simple for your customer and easy to duplicate over and over. Take these 5 ways (plus bonus content at the end) and turn them into an email that you write, in your voice with your tone.

Remember, 97% of people read customer reviews for local business’s, and 93% say that those reviews impact their buying decision. Source: [Google]

This might take some time to get past customer reviews, and to make it a process within your current customer reviews, but the impact this could make is more customers and more revenue for YOU.


Make sure you compliment them, before asking them to compliment you. “I’ve really enjoy working with you and your company, you have such clear and amazing values that you share with your customer every day.”

This is your chance to tell them how great they are before they tell you how great you are. Remember that old saying, “You always attract more with honey than vinegar.”


You are taking up some of their valuable time, so make sure you are right to the point of your email and actually tell them that the review will only take about 10 minutes with your guidance. 4 to 5 lines should be the length of the entire email.


There are many different ways to write a review, but I always try to remember 3 key things.

The challenge you had.
The service that was provided.
The result you got.

I know that this is a bit simple, but you can certainly make it as fancy as you like, as long as those 3 questions are answered.


You will need to login to your google account. From there, go to your Home button on the left hand near the top. Then on the right-hand side you will see Get More Reviews and Share Review Form. From there, you can choose to share the URL socially, or send it in an email. I always email it to myself, and then I have copy ready to send out at any time.

They will always need to sign in to their google account, but it will take them to a page where they are able to review your business.


This is your chance to remind them of how you connected in the first place. Maybe it was a friend who referred you, or it was a simple post online that you were tagged in … make reference to that first connection or meeting. Just to give a few more layers to this email.

That’s it. Short sweet and To. The. Point. That’s exactly how people want to be approached with things like this. But wait, I have one more BONUS tip that should never be ignored.


Simple right? But sometimes forgotten or overlooked. Be human. Sign your name, mention the weather, share a mutual experience. We live in a world of bots … this isn’t the place for another one. This is your chance to reconnect with past clients. Ask them a question at the end of the email, prompting them to answer when they get a chance.

Now go and get some google reviews.

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