Do Facebook and business really mix?

There is a lot of information out there about the decline of Facebook. And, although I believe those statistics, Facebook is still the king (or in my case the queen) of social media. It’s where it all started. Nearly 2 billion people actively use Facebook every month making it the biggest social media platform.

But, if you want to advertise your business on Facebook effectively you are going to have to pay. Gone are the days of the organic reach, and just ‘good content’. The algorithms on Facebook have made it harder and harder to actually get your message across unless you have a marketing budget.

It isn’t a glitch, Facebook is going to show personal stories above business stories, unless you pay-to-play.

Which just means that you need to make Facebook a part of your marketing budget. Because a pro of Facebook is that it is still one of the fastest ways to reach a huge amount of people in a short amount of time. As long as you are working with someone who knows about Facebook audiences, you are reaching the right people and those people are seeing your ads.

The other really great thing about Facebook is how easy it is for your customer to get in touch with you.

If someone sees your post (or advertisement) they can message you pretty easily to find out more information. You can create a relationship with your customer online, all through the messenger application.

So, the fast answer is YES, you should still be using Facebook for your business. BUT, it’s up to you how much or how little you use it. It’s a part of your digital footprint, and you should own that real estate.

But, maybe you just need to share 10-15 posts per month to keep your page active enough for your audience. It’s really what you decide to do within your online marketing plan.

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