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Using Chrome extensions to save time and money

As an online marketer, I spend a lot of my working day (you guessed it!) online. And I try to organize my time so I can be as efficient as possible for my clients and my business. I use chrome extensions to help manage my business, and my time – making me more efficient with my time.

About six months ago, I switched from using the Firefox browser to the Chrome browser as much as possible. In part, I made the switch because of Chrome’s extensive list of extensions.

In first comparing Firefox and Chrome, it’s a very close race. Neither browser is particularly feature-heavy, but they make up for it with large extension libraries, although Chrome’s is larger. Chrome also offers solid integration with other Google services and support for multiple users.

A few of t

e regular platforms I use don’t always work properly on Firefox. So I decided to explore using Chrome as my default browser.

Extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. These little bits of software help users tailor their browser functionality and behavior to individual needs or preferences. If used properly, they can help you do everyday tasks more efficiently and even a little bit better. As an online marketer, they’re part of my everyday routine and take care of a lot of my busy work.

Today, I’m going to share with you the top 3 Chrome extensions that make me more efficient in my business day to day.

The first one is called Momentum.

Momentum is an extension I just started using a few months ago. It offers productivity, motivation and ‘momentum’ reminders every day.

When you set it up, you get to choose one task to finish daily. I usually make this a really big rock – set up a new client, follow up with that prospect that you are avoiding, answer Google reviews, etc. You get to choose one main task, then you can add tasks to the to-do tab near the bottom right.

You can also save links in the top left corner for quick access during your busy day. If you visit certain websites often, just put them in the Links tab and when you open a new browser window, it’s right there. One easy click away.

This extension is very easy to use and implement right away. Momentum helps me with my productivity during the day, keeping on track with those bigger daily tasks I want to finish. I don’t use it every day, but I use it 3 out of 5 days for sure.

Watch out, it’s the grammar police. Grammarly is my go to fo all things grammar.

Grammarly is helpful if you do a lot of different forms of writing, for yourself or for clients. It doesn’t let you get away with any spelling or grammar errors. For me, it has been helpful with social media posts, blogs, long form posts, Linkedin emails and reachouts, my email responses, etc.

Open up your app, copy and paste your Word article or start typing and Grammarly will suggest changes. You can choose to review, accept or reject the changes. Then just cut and paste your newly-edited writing into Word again.

There are a few more steps than with other extensions, but it saves you logging into your account and doing it that way.

Grammarly has a premium offer that unlocks even more grammar features but the free version works fine to get started.

We live in a world of hashtags. And, so it’s better to be using the right ones according to the content you are sharing. RiteTag is great if you post a lot, and want to be sure and capture the right hashtags.

RiteTag is great if you’re used to guessing which hashtags to use for your story, event, blogpost, etc.

Once you have an account, you drop your text into their platform and get hashtag suggestions. It’s very useful if you’re using social media to grow and scale your business. It’s especially useful when you write a lot of content and want to make sure you don’t miss any hashtags.

The best way to see what extensions will work for you is to go to the Chrome store and browse. Type what you’re looking for in the search bar and see where it takes you.

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