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5 Simple ways to stay on top of your website’s SEO

Increase your organic search-ability with these 5 DIY strategies. Be a resource of information for your audience and always stay top of mind.

Keep momentum going or get your momentum back with these 5 simple SEO strategies. Don’t let the technical talk of SEO scare you, it’s a pretty simple concept.

-> An internet user types into google search a specific keyword or phrase.

-> Google gets the search request and starts looking for a good to great referral for said user.

-> Google is going to base who they choose on many, many things.  
** 5 of which are totally doable and mentioned below. **

Keep reading to start your journey into organic SEO.

1. Know your customer journey inside and out.

Plan the structure of your website carefully. Make sure there is a navigation tab on every page in order to lead users to other relevant pages. I know that landing pages can intentionally not have a navigation bar, and that’s ok. In that case, you still should have a call to action that leads the user to somewhere else.

2. Check your website for broken links.

Broken links will stop google from crawling your webpages. And that is bad for your customers experience. Broken links restrict the flow of customers researching information. Dead end links (or 404 errors) usually result in a frustrated user who never returns. Once you find your websites broken links, either redirect them or eliminate them. There are online programs that will give you this information at a minimal cost. Click here to find out about mine.

There are some new google guidelines around broken links, click here to read more about that here.

3. Use local keywords and geographical area names in meta descriptions and web content.

When you are doing this, remember to keep your webpage content precise and extremely relevant. Be careful to always use page-specific, optimal length title & meta descriptions. You want your title to be under 60 characters, and your description to be between 100-160 characters. Again, this just gives you the small edge on someone who doesn’t bother to fill any of this out.

4. Get recognized in your community/sandbox/industry for the amazing product and service that you offer.

Use influencer marketing as a way to grow your customer base. Once you have niched down to a single behaviour or industry as your customer, find the experts online in THAT space. Then you approach them with your affiliate offer. If you want to see my affiliate offer, click here. This simple approach has earned me more conversations on IG than anything else that I’ve tried.

5. Register for Google My Business

If you haven’t already done this – STOP whatever you are doing and DO IT NOW. Click here to be directed to the login/sign up page. Google my business will mail you a verification code, and that code is what you will put right into your online platform. It’s google’s way of making sure you are real. This process takes about 12 days – so you should start as soon as you can. All you will need is a google email (gmail) and a password. Click here for the full verification process.

I hope that these strategies above are useful to you as you grow your organic search traffic. My agency is focused on providing SEO services to small business owners and entrepreneurs who value organic growth, and are prepared to stay the course.

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