Method Thirteen

Starting out in any online marketing space takes some patience and some skill, not to mention it takes some dollar bills as well. Maybe you are someone who is looking for some simple advice that won’t break the bank – and will give you actionable items to follow step by step. If this sounds like you, keep reading.


I’m sure like many of you, I am not the only one who wanted to know if my website made sense, and if people were clear on what I sold. This was early days for me, and I was kind flying by the seat of my pants in some cases. (Sorry early clients). I’ve definitely gotten better.


In fact, now I have built dozens of websites and every single time, when we on the content offline longer, the content online was always easier and better. It just was. But, I couldn’t always connect the dots between bad flow and user content. Because we were getting hits, but I always felt we could be doing more.


On a simple bring my kid to work day, I was looking for something for H to help me with. I asked her to be my user guinea pig and help me with a website I was working on.


It went something like this:

Me: “Can you contact me from the home page?”

H: “Please”.

Me: “Ok. Easy. Now tell me what this website sells?”

H: “some sort of soaps or something?”

Me: [seems obvious to me – bath products, auto shipped, locally sourced] “Ok, can you ask me a question on the contact page that someone who comes here would ask?”

H: “um, sure”.


And then she had the most insightful things to say about the website:
– the home page was too vague
– there was definitely not enough context
– I’d like to see better pictures
– It seems like it’s not very professional


Those are things I can improve on. So, I went back into my dossier of different websites and H gave me so much great feedback that I named it. Method 13. Now, you obviously don’t have to use a 13-year-old, but I think you get the idea. Try it with anyone aged 11-15. Kids are very intuitive on what a website should be able to do. And if it can’t do it, they leave emotion out of the equation and just give you the straight goods.  


Because those 2 factors play a big role in search engine results. In March 2021, Google announced that customer experience is going to be playing a much bigger role in search engine rankings.

Basically, you just want to know if your website is easy to understand and easy to navigate. Focusing on customer experience is going to help your search rankings from now on, according to Google.

Donita Fowler


“Last November we announced that the page experience ranking change will go live on Google Search this year, in what we’re calling the “page experience update”.


This basically says, focusing on customer experience is going to help your google search rankings.


Three Questions to ask any 13-Year-Old About Your Website

  1. What does the website say they do? What do they sell?
  2. If you can, navigate to the contact page.
    If you can’t, just stop here. #2.

  3. If you can, please contact the website authors, and ask a question that would be relevant to this product or service website. It doesn’t have to be detailed or fancy, just something that would make sense to ask.
    If you can’t, just stop here. #3.


This sounds simple because it is. If a 13-year-old can’t navigate to your contact page, then your customer might not be able to either. Simple websites get referred, simple websites get used again and again, simple websites make money online.


Good luck with this method. It is obviously better if you can pay for an SEO platform, and get monthly updates, and I know you can get there! But, in the meantime, it’s time to take a kid to work day.

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