Hello. I'm Donita Fowler

I’m an SEO trainer, entrepreneur and creator of 

Lead Attraction Accelerator.

I grew up in small town Saskatchewan, and I moved to Calgary because of family ties and to further my education. I attended both SAIT and the University of Calgary. 


Fast forward 20 years, and Calgary, you are the best hometown I know.


I met my husband here, we are raising our 2 kids here, and we are part of a wild, vibrant business community across Western Canada.  

A few things about me as a human....

How long does it take to be an seo expert

Now, that’s a loaded question. It’s taken me 8 years to be able to confidently speak about SEO. 

And in those 8 years, I Did. It. All. in online marketing. Literally. It was a grind, and everyday I just would grind harder. 

I often compare SEO to implementing a fitness routine. And if I were to ask you what the BEST fitness equipment is? How could you answer? You could only answer what the BEST fitness equipment is for YOU. Because everyone is just a little bit different. 

Same same with websites. So how long? As long as it takes.

SEO website optimization

It has taken me years to understand online marketing and some days I still don’t. But what I do understand is the online customer journey. And I understand how to make your customer experience as amazing as possible!

There have been some big improvements and advancements over the years when it comes to google search. We have almost gone a full 180 degrees. It’s so much more about your customer, now more than ever.

Improving your website with SEO is going to improve your user experience. 

And the best way to get noticed on google is by getting noticed by your users.

Hello. I'm Donita Fowler.

Thanks for stopping by.

I’m the co-founder of Interest Marketing, and I teach you how to get found on google search through organic SEO.

A few things about me as a human....

How to improve
google search rankings

Learn how to get your website in front of your desired online customer using an organic SEO strategy. 

Search Engine Optimization Training

As an entrepreneur myself, I need to stay current and focused on the growth of my own business. And for me, the heart of great content comes from continuous education. 

All of the different courses and programs I have taken add so much value to my SEO clients. 

These are some of the ways that I continue to support my clients through continued learning.

  • The Authority Accelerator: Sunny Lenarduzzi’s authority program on taking your online course online
  • Bossgram: Vanessa Lau’s program that takes you from idea to implementation
  • YouTube for Bosses: Sunny Lenarduzzi’s online YouTube Authority program
  • Landing Page Conversion Class: Isaac Rudansky
  • Google Ads Masterclass: Isaac Rudansky’s Google Ads Certification
  • Content Authority Certificate: Coppyblogger
  • Book Yourself Solid: Michael Port
  • Instagram for Business: Social School
  • Social Media Certificate: Social School
  • Professional Writing Certificate: University of Calgary
  • Bachelor of Arts: Communications Major, the University of Calgary
  • Cinema, Television, Stage and Radio: Journalism major, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
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