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Top SEO Tips

Top SEO Tips

Method Thirteen

Starting out in any online marketing space takes some patience and some skill, not to mention it takes some dollar bills as well. Maybe you are someone who is looking for some simple advice that won’t break the bank – and will give you actionable items to follow step by step. If this sounds like

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Google Review Email Templates

Google reviews are a great way to improve your SEO and overall website experience. Sometimes asking for a review can be intimidating and something that gets put on the back burner. Don’t do that, and instead I want you to take a look at these Google Review templates and see where you can use them

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HTTP status codes cheat sheet

Have you ever clicked on a website link only to have the page come up as some sort of status error code? It’s annoying. You really just wanted to go a bit deeper down the internet research hole and instead you have hit a big STOP. Whether you are a user or an author of

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Check website health online

What is a dead link and why should I care? Dead (or sometimes called broken) links are a dead end for the user, the page did not take the user where the author wanted them to go. There are a number of reasons for a dead link: – web page no longer exists – server

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Let’s start a conversation about organic SEO

I have been working with clients doing multiple presentations on SEO. Search engine optimization. The traditional, organic way. And that is what we call organic search engine optimization. Or organic SEO. It’s a more manual method to discover your business’s keywords. We research keywords, compare it to what your competitors are doing, make adjustments, watch

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How to add organic keywords to your website

My 11 week course covers 13 different SEO Strategies that you can implement over time. We do as much as we can over the 11 weeks, but it’s dependant on time. And your abundance of it. The best thing to do is book a call with me,  learn how much fun we have in class, and then decide if Lead Attraction Accelerator is for you.

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