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Top SEO Tips

Top SEO Tips

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Best times to post on Instagram

As a social media manager, this is a question I get a lot. And the truth is, when you are starting out – try different times and days. Look at your post analysis and make decisions based on that data.

But, sometimes you want to do some research and learn a little bit about what is already working.

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Do Facebook and business really mix?

There is a lot of information out there about the decline of Facebook. And, although I believe those statistics, Facebook is still the king (or in my case the queen) of social media. It’s where it all started. Nearly 2 billion people actively use Facebook every month making it the biggest social media platform.

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Make google reviews a part of your customer routine

When I work with my clients, one of the things that they all wish is that they had asked for customer reviews/testimonials WAY sooner. Because if they had asked every happy customer between now and then, they would have some hard proof of the amazing services or products they offer. Instead, now they have to go back to that customer and ask for it.

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How to add organic keywords to your website

My 11 week course covers 13 different SEO Strategies that you can implement over time. We do as much as we can over the 11 weeks, but it’s dependant on time. And your abundance of it. The best thing to do is book a call with me,  learn how much fun we have in class, and then decide if Lead Attraction Accelerator is for you.

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